Guess Who (lightsdarkangel) wrote in colossalcon,
Guess Who

I know that people go to ColossalCon from all over ....

So my sister has an assignment she needs to do for photography class, and she decided to do Cosplay. I only know ... 2 people who cosplay here in Columbus [myself and the wife] but my sister needs more. Even though I had a couple costumes, she wants more than just the same two people for some reason. Silly girl.

Anyone who is willing to help her out, unfortunately, she can't really pay you for your time, but she will send you copies [okay, in email as far as I know] of the pictures she takes of you, so you're getting semi-professional pictures done, for free.

She just made a post in the FB group for Ohayocon, to give you a general idea of who I'm talking about lol. She's already coming up to my apartment on Saturday, June 2nd, so I'm sure if you're in the Columbus area, Saturday would be best.

She's given me permission to post her cell number so folks can text her if interested, but I'm going to be interesting and type it out with letters instead of numbers: five one three-eight two four-zero nine seven four you can also email her at with the subject being "photoshoot june 2nd" so she knows what's going on.

Sorry, but it's kinda cross posted everywhere.
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