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Colossal Con Cosplay - Rules now ON SITE + COSP PRE-REG!

Hey guys, I just wanted to let everyone know that the cosplay rules and details are now ON the main site. For awhile, we had them on the forums, but the site's been updated with everything.

And, as a reminder, Cosplay Pre-Registration has been open for awhile! We are expecting a huge turnout this year. If you are certain that you want to enter the cosplay I HIGHLY suggest signing up for pre-registration. That way, you can reserve your spot! We cannot guarantee that we will have slots open with at-con registration for very long!

Also-with pre-registration, everything will be filled out beforehand and all you will need to do is check in, get your exact judging time, and show up when we need you to. No waiting in long lines, no filling out paperwork.

Cosplay pre-reg is open for the Saturday cosplay only.

Cosplay Rules

Cosplay Pre-Reg form

If for some reason you can't view it (IE is having difficulties) everything can be found in stickies on the forums.
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