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Holy crap, only one more week!

I can go, as of yesterday. Colossalcon's forums hate me and my second account was deleted....so, I can't post on there to say that I am going as Elie from the Groove Adventure Rave. If any of the other Rave cosplayers would like to meet up, I think it would be quite fun.

Luckily, I had my costume almost complete a long time ago...All I have to do is sew the logo onto the shirt and fix my tonfa blasters. So, as a Rave cosplayer, I'm there mostly to see the voice actors of Fullmetal Alchemist. Cause I'm cool like that xD

For those of you who were at Shinbokucon, I was one of the Amane Misa's in the "L Awesum" Death Note skit. Next year, I'm going to Shinbokucon as Mio Hio (DNAngel) and Colossalcon (if I can go...it's farther away) as Chisee (Saikano). Anyways, I hope the Rave cosplayers read here...-.-
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