LadyofRohan87 (blonde_leia) wrote in colossalcon,

A couple questions!

Hey, everybody! I have a couple of questions regarding this con. My fiance and I are definitely planning on attending, since this is really local for us, and it sounds like so much fun! We're trying to get some friends to join us, too. It will be our first convention outside of the sci-fi/fantasy realm, and I'm very excited! I am not so much into anime as my friends and fiance are, but I do love video games and I heard that there are some video game cosplayers there. Right now my fiance and I are planning on going as Resident Evil characters. Not sure if anyone has done that before, but we love the games and thought it'd be fun!

My main question is about how big the con is, and whether or not it's worth staying more than one day. In all honesty, it would be a lot easier for us to just make a day-trip out of it (since we'd have to get a hotel room and thus pay more, lol) but then again, we don't want to miss out on other awesome things going on at the con on other days! I've been to the website and it looks like they have a lot of fun things planned. If anything, we are planning on definitely coming for Saturday and possibly Sunday. But I would like to get some input before we buy tickets and such. Thanks, and I look forward to meeting everyone at the con! XD
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